Tuesday, August 16, 2011

SHEA...ruled that one right on out!

Just popping on to say the trial of the shea product did NOT go well here. It's heavier than the product we usually use and while we did not seem to have a particular problem with buildup, we DID have a problem with odor.

We were all sitting in the living room one day with the girl on my lap and I kept getting these faint whiffs of yucky smell. I made everyone in the room smell their feet to rule out the source of the offensive odor. It wasn't sweaty feet, but I wasn't far off. It was sweaty head! Oh, MAN! Not sure if it was shea and sweat alone, or shea and sweat and chlorine from the afternoon swim, but either way the shea was a common denominator and had to go.

We are back to our usual routine with no more stinky problems. I'm not throwing out the shea just yet because I do think it's fine in the winter time when the girl's head isn't sweating much.

We're still up for a change so I do think it's finally time to order the Kinky Curly products and give them a go. Watch for that review in the next few weeks.

Anyone else have seasonal products? I'm curious...



  1. Just want to say hey and I'm following your blog now via RSS feed.


  2. Have you tried the Kinky-Curly products yet? We LOVE the Knot Today for detangling! AMAZING!!!