Sunday, May 27, 2012

Spring Sale

CURLS is having an amazing sale  


The coupon code is SPRINGSALE

Sale ends at midnight EST on May 29th

I used to use their line for babies, It's a Curl when the girl was little.  They also have a line for kids, called Curly Q's, and a line for adults, Curls.  On their home page, theirs a "Curls 101" tab that links to hair care information, tutorials and tips on how to use their products, product demo videos, and more including how to determine your hair type.  This is useful as they do have specific products for specific hair types.  It's a pretty comprehensive site.  At the bottom of this page you can subscribe to receive their promos by email.  That's how I found out about the spring sale.

So, they hooked me.  30% off is significant.  I dropped a load of cash and bought the following products I can't wait to try:

Curly Cutie Cleansing Cream (sulfate free)
Coconut Sublime Conditioner
Curly Q Gel-les'c - Curl Jelly
Curly Q Milkshake -  Curl Lotion for Fine Curly Hair
Mimosa Curly Q Elixir (natural oil blend)

Product reviews coming up!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mid-Week Change-Up

On Wednesday I took out the ponytail braids and left the gathered hair as one large puff.  So far I have not had to re-do any of the banding.  They are keeping a lot of her hairline hair in place without too much fuzz.  Cute and colorful.

Have a great weekend.  We are hoping for beach temperatures!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hair Day Sunday

The ponies for the last two weeks were so easy and cute but three things made me change up the hair style this weekend.  First, the girl's had a center part now for a few weeks and I wanted to rest her scalp from the tension put on it at the part line.  Second, it's been sunnier lately but the day care is not applying sunscreen yet when the kids play outside.  I want to avoid a burned scalp and a center part on the top of her head on a sunny day is just asking for a burn.  Third, I've seen one of her friends yank on her ponies on more than one occasion.  They were pretty irresistible to this little 3yo and she just couldn't keep her hands off.  If my girl was more aggressive in standing up for herself, I wouldn't worry.  But in this case, it was time for the ponies to go.

 I wanted just pull her hair up into a large center puff, but that style gets fuzzy almost immediately and the hairline hair does not stay in.  I got the idea to separate it out in wedge sections and band them with colorful bands all the way up to the center puff.
 The girl's hair has grown a lot and she hasn't worn it loose or in puffs for a while, so when I got to the center puff, I was really surprised at how big it was!  I realized her hair is now long enough to braid the puff!  In braids, the hair that would have been loose in a puff will stay tangle free.  The day before I take this style down, I may unbraid the puff and leave it loose, just for fun.  We'll see.
Have a good week everyone.  It's raining hard here.  Ugh.  Dreary Monday.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Super Easy Ponies and a Length Check

THE GIRL has been wearing this style for the past couple of weeks.  Look familiar?  This is the basic two puff style she's been sporting on and off for the last year.  Only now her hair is long enough to stretch into pony tails. 

I did this style on freshly washed and detangled, wet hair.  I gathered each side and banded at the base.  Then I used our Tangle Teezer to smooth the hair and placed the next band, and so on, until finished.  A little Darcy's Botanicals Natural Coils Curling Jelly on the ends to define and hold the curl, and voila!
 When it gets fuzzy I remove the bands, mist with a water/conditioner mix, and apply coconut oil.  I run our Tangle Teezer through  to remove shed hair, then I re-band.  It's fun to match the bands to the day's outfit. :)

Below is our most recent length check.  WOW!

I need some inspiration for the next braided style.  Please send ideas. :)