Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Super Easy Ponies and a Length Check

THE GIRL has been wearing this style for the past couple of weeks.  Look familiar?  This is the basic two puff style she's been sporting on and off for the last year.  Only now her hair is long enough to stretch into pony tails. 

I did this style on freshly washed and detangled, wet hair.  I gathered each side and banded at the base.  Then I used our Tangle Teezer to smooth the hair and placed the next band, and so on, until finished.  A little Darcy's Botanicals Natural Coils Curling Jelly on the ends to define and hold the curl, and voila!
 When it gets fuzzy I remove the bands, mist with a water/conditioner mix, and apply coconut oil.  I run our Tangle Teezer through  to remove shed hair, then I re-band.  It's fun to match the bands to the day's outfit. :)

Below is our most recent length check.  WOW!

I need some inspiration for the next braided style.  Please send ideas. :)

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