Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Holy Grail of Sleep Caps

After over a year of searching for a sleep cap that isn't too loose or too tight, that has enough room for all her hair underneath it, and that stays on all night, we have finally found THE ONE. 

Check them out at Pretty AnntoiNet's Silk Lingerie for Hair online store.  They are 100% silk, and made just for girls, bonnet style.  The band is part elastic, part silk tie; you can make it as tight or loose as you need to, so it will grow with your child's head.  The elastic is covered in silk, so no  rubbing on the hairline and the silk tie is exposed and cute tied in a bow.  As a bonus, they are really gorgeous and luxurious looking.  At $18.00 each they are the most expensive sleep cap we have tried.  For us, though, the price has been worth it.  

My girl wears the cap like this with the tie in the back so the tie won't hang in her face:

But this is what it looks like with the tie in front.  Super adorable!

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  1. Could this be what my daughters hair has been waiting for?? She is 20 mos old with super kinky curly hair. We adopted her when she was 17 days old. Since then her hair has definitely grown but it still isn't as long as your girl's hair. The typical baby bald spot has pretty much filled in but it seems that farther down her neck she is missing hair. Up until the last few months I have been letting it go free but now it just gets so tangled and knotty from day to day.... So I've started doing about 5 puffs in it to make detangling easier. She has a silk pillowcase but I haven't bought a nice sleep cap yet. Does the sleep cap really make a huge difference as much as everyone says?!! And what about the carseat and nap time at her nanny's house?