Sunday, July 22, 2012

Beach Hair, 2012

We spent a week at the beach last month, and I contemplated which type of style would be best to, 
1) Keep the hair out of her face when swimming  
2) NOT get horribly tangled  
3) Prevent sunburn of the scalp
4) Look nice
5) Be relatively easy to get sand out of
Not in that order.

I settled on this style, and put sunscreen on her scalp for the first few days.

 The style stood up pretty well.  It got fuzzy, so when we'd go out in the evenings I'd spritz it and apply Darcy's Botanicals Natural Coils Curling Jelly to curl down and hold the fuzzies.  Surprisingly, we did not have a problem with sand getting trapped in the braids.  So I thought.  When we got home at the end of the week, took the style down and washed it, the tub was FULL of sand.  Sand, in my mind, is just coarse dirt that people throw their cigarette butts and scraps of food into, and little kids pee in.  Yuk. She got a good shampooing.

Here is the girl exactly one year earlier, at the beach.  We did loose hair last year.  Her coils were adorable and she looked so windswept, tan, and beachy.  No way we could have gotten away with loose hair this year.  And, wow, it's really grown in a year!

Happy Summer!

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