Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ethiopian Hairstyles - Part Hulet

From Lalibela:

From Gonder:

From Addis:


  1. Love them all!! I enjoyed so much looking at all the hairstyles in ET. How is it that all of their hairstyles looks so well maintained (no fuzzies and such a gleam to them?!!)!

  2. Hi my name is Addis, and i am half Ethiopian and half black american. To be honest i'm not quite sure how i found your blog, but it is funny as to how much i can relate to your daughter's hair situation. I seriously enjoy reading your blog and seeing the pictures. And I thank you for while bringing your daughter into a white family, you are still embracing her own Ethiopian culture because that is not seen very often in adoptions.
    But I do hope you keep this blog going because it truly is a joy to read.