Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Product - Darcy's Botanicals

I am a big fan of Darcy's Botanicals hair products. Especially their Daily Leave In Conditioner and their Natural Coils Curling Jelly. I use them on my girl's hair regularly. During the post-Thanksgiving sales I stocked up on both, and Darcy's sent a sample of one of their new products along with my order. I just got around to trying it out this past week.

It's called NEW Curling Gel Cream. The sample packet was good for three generous applications. By generous, I mean about half-dollar sized dollops. It's a liquidy cream. Very comparable to the Curling Jelly in consistency and results. To apply it, I squeezed some out onto my palm, rubbed my hands together and scrunched it into my girl's hair, then ran her curls through my fingers to spread it out from root to tip. It was easy to apply, nice and slippery, and coated the hair well.

As her hair dried the curls shrunk a lot, so I wonder if the cream is water-based. It also dried stiff in the areas where her hair is very smooth and fine. The stiffness doesn't bother me at all but it's worth mentioning because lots of people don't like crunchy hair. It did a great job of moisturizing and defining the curls for her loose hairstyle, and lasted all day. My daughter is a toddler, so no hairstyle lasts more than one day on her, no matter the product. After her nap I sprinkled the back and sides of her head with water and scrunched her curls with my hands to get them back into shape and that's all they needed to look fresh again.

I would love to do an ingredient comparison between Darcy's NEW Curling Gel Cream and their Natural Coils Curling Jelly, but strangely, I can't find the Curling Gel Cream anywhere on their website! I have an email in to them and let's see what they say. In the meantime, here are photos of the results - her hair is halfway dried:

Wow! Look at that curl definition.

This (above photo) is the part that dried stiff.

Great curl definition here, too. This area is usually frizzy.



  1. It helps that you DO have the world's cutest model!!

  2. I have the curling jelly for my daughter and loved it at first, but after having the jar for several months that consistency of the jelly seems tacky and stringy...does this happen with yours too? I stopped using it because it just feels odd now.

  3. Hi Jennifer! Your question really got me wondering because I am at the bottom of my current 6-month-old jar of Curling Jelly myself. AND I happened to have a new jar waiting to be opened as well. So this morning I compared the two. I actually did not notice any difference in consistency at all. I used the old Curling Jelly on my girl's hair and it performed as usual.

    One reason I can think of for a tackier consistency is if some evaporation occurred, say, if the lid was left off. I know I have done that before ;-) I'd probably use it anyway unless I noticed an undesirable effect in my daughter's hair. I guess I'd try it when it was convenient to just wash it right out if I didn't like it.