Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sleep Caps?

My girl so far has not regularly used a sleep cap. She goes to bed with her hair in whatever style it's been in during the day. We always have to touch her hair up in the morning, whether it was loose in bed, or whether it was 'up'. It gets rubbed and matted or fuzzy while she sleeps.

I know it's pretty common to use a sleep cap, but I have always had my doubts. I'm not convinced they really do much for the hair. Besides, my girl is a toddler, how would we get one to stay on her? Months ago we did try a bonnet style sleep cap and this is what happened.

The cap ended up down over her eyes and nose while she slept. Yikes! Even though she can easily breathe through the fabric, it still made me nervous. We haven't used it again.

So, I am open to hear your arguments, for and against. Do they work? What kind do you use? If you don't use a sleep cap, what do you do instead?
Help a new mom out!



  1. I bought lycra (bathing suit material) caps for my daughter's hair - someone handmade them but she doesn't anymore. You can find lycra swim caps, pretty much the same thing, at swim stores or even on Amazon. They're tighter than regular hair caps and don't move around much when sleeping. Katie at Happy Girl Hair is a big believer in caps, but her girls are older and have lots of hair now:

  2. Everyone swears by sleep caps, and I think they probably work great for older children. But, trying to get a stubborn 2-year-old to keep one on at night doesn't work for us. The only way to keep her hair from getting all tangled is to twist it. We just started doing this, and we'll do it for now on...I put her hair in loose twists at night (I don't even secure them with anything--cloth hair bands end up in her mouth if she goes to bed with them), and no more detangling nightmare the next day! She usually wears two puffs/pigtails during the day, but I take them out and twist the hair at night because on her the puffs get all matted when she sleeps.

  3. Good suggestions! Paige that is good to know that the twists are working on your daughter. I may try that when Nani's hair is longer. Her hair tends to slip out of twists at it's current length. I am definitely going to try a swim cap as a sleep cap and have a couple on order. Thanks for that tip, Jennifer. BTW, HGH!