Sunday, March 27, 2011

Rolling Flat Twists

We've done a lot of loose hair lately. Hubby loves the girl's hair loose. I do too, but it's a lot of work. I have to spritz it every morning which the girl hates. And I hate starting off the day with whining and crying over hair! Then I have to saturate it with leave-in and go through it smoothing the matted frizziness from sleep and clumping curls. All that work and then by the end of the day it looks like I never touched it again.

This weekend instead of cornrowing I did some rolling twists which are quicker and look just as nice, in my opinion. I started in a sunburst part pattern at the forehead (my favorite way to part the hair in front) and wanted them to continue to the nape of her neck but didn't want to take the time. Doing a full head with patterned parts is tricky on a toddler. This was a quick, no-stress hair style. Here's how it turned out.

This morning I'm going to remove the twists and pop a head band in it for a pulled back chunky twist out. I'll try to get pics of that too.


  1. cute!! I like the twists just as well as cornrows!! Do you think they stay in as well - frizz?

  2. Hey Angela. Yeah, the twists are a major time saver compared to cornrows, but they definitely don't last as long. However, they are not hard to take out and retwist as needed. I have definitely noticed the older Nani gets, the neater her hair stays. Not as much rolling around on the floor making it horribly frizzy. BTW, I have been putting a sleep cap on her every night even though most of the time it doesn't stay on. When it does, it really makes a difference in keeping her hair neat. I am a convert!