Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sleep Caps 2

I finally received my Nadia's Sleep Caps order in the mail the other day. You can't choose patterns and colors, and now I know why. Anyway, I put one on the girl one night after she'd fallen asleep. It seemed a little loose. Sure enough, it was nowhere to be found in the morning. We have just not had any luck with sleep caps so far. I am hoping her head will grow into these, but that still does not solve our immediate problem. Anyway, here they are, happily modeled by Nene and Rabbit.


  1. How do you order these sleep caps please?

  2. Actually, I think Nadia doesn't sell them anymore. I got her email from the Adoption Hair and Skin Yahoo group and ordered them that way. Would you like mine? LOL They won't stay on my girl's head at all.