Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekend Style Notes

Wow, I just noticed recently that as my girl gets older, her hair has filled in nicely and is so much easier to style. It's also almost all the same length thanks to a few trims over the last months and that makes a big difference in styling as well.

This weekend I did a couple of things. I put a short side part in the front and cornrowed on either side of the part to forma sort of headband look. I left the back puffed out in an afro on Saturday.

On Sunday I put little finger twists in. It turned out great and lasted all day and still looked good this morning!!

I gotta run, so that's it for this week. Have a good one everybody!


  1. OMG!!! Those twists are to die!! How do you do them? Although I have a long time before M has that much hair.

  2. PLEASE tell me how you do your finger twists and what product you use. Thanks :) :) - sharon @

  3. Wow, that was so long ago and I haven't done finger twists since! I can tell you her hair was probably about 6 inches long when stretched, more or less. I also use almost exclusively Darcy's Botanicals products. So PROBABLY I spritzed her hair with water, applied some Darcy's Daily Leave-in Conditioner, gathered a finger-full of hair at a time, added a bit of Darcy's Natural Coils Curling Jelly, twirled the hair and let it go. The girl's hair is very tightly curly, and on it's own forms corkscrews smaller than the width of a pencil and a bit larger than the spring inside a pen. It's smooth and silky mostly, with just a patch of more coarse, slightly kinky hair in the back. I call it 3C/4A type hair if that helps you out at all. If you try it, let me know how it turns out.