Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Full Head Cornrows, Week 2

Oh boy am I happy with last week's style.  It lasted a full week, looked pretty, was an easy style to get a hat on over top, and was worth the 3 hours (including breaks, but still, I'm slow, I know!) it took to put it in.

So this week, I took each cornrow out one by one, moisturized the hair with water and Darcy's Botanicals Daily Leave In Conditioner, sealed in the moisture with almond oil (it's what I had handy and smelled lovely), and re-braided.

The girl actually looked forward to hair time this time, as she knew it meant a couple of hours of whatever she wanted to watch on tv.  Man...I'm thinking back to my mom's one-hour-of-tv-a-day rule when I was a kid, wishing I had curly hair that took her hours to style.  Coulda watched more Little House on the Prairie. (Remember THAT show?  Yeah, I'm old. :-P)

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