Monday, February 27, 2012

Style Marathon - Week Three

(Edited to add above photos - I ended up leaving the bangs loose and for moisture and hold I spritzed them with water, then smoothed them with almond oil and to finish added Darcy's Botanicals Natural Coils Curling Jelly.  They lasted all day without frizzing.  I think the key was the oil. )

Original post as follows:
We've loved this style so much I decided to leave it in one more week.

This weekend I did not take down the cornrows and rebraid them like I did the weekend before, so the style is looking pretty fuzzy.  But last night I did take out the little pigtails in the back and joined the braid ends together into one low braided ponytail.  And I took out the bangs and washed and combed them.  I'll either put them in a puffy twist this morning or leave them loose.  If I have time before we leave for school I'll take a pic, so check back tomorrow to see what it ended up looking like.

This style has been so great and last week when I rebraided, I didn't use any elastics at all, so the style truly is a protective one.  It's so compact and not easily messed up by hats making it a very convenient winter style.  It did take me about 3 hours or so (including breaks) to put in, but lasted so long it's been well worth it.

When the girl was younger, about 1-2 years old or so, I used to wonder why my styles lasted a day or two instead of a week or longer like I'd read on other hair blogs.  I know now there are several factors:  soft silky baby hair is harder to keep in braided style; the shorter the hair is, the more easily it slips out of styles; and the younger the child, the more rolling around on the floor and rubbing of their heads they do.  All style ruiners.

I'm off to get ready for the day.  Come back later to see a pic of today's style revision.
Ciao ciao,

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