Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hair Day

The girl's been wanting hair like mommy's (long) lately.  In this style she's got a ponytail she can shake.  She's loving the beads, too.  I hope this lasts more than a few days, we're really liking it.



  1. super cute!! Love this look with the beads. I have not got in to beads but maybe I should for Eden!!

  2. Beads are both a blessing and a curse. They are so cute and little girly and they weigh down her braids so she can shake them which she loves. But it means using bands which are not great for her ends. AND she pulls them out, which we can't have a day care 'cause the beads are a choking hazard. I'm thinking in a couple of more years she'll get past the pulling them out phase and we might try them more often. She's still a toddler so hopefully we still have years of potential bead styles to go. I don't mind putting them in occasionally.