Thursday, April 5, 2012

How I Manage Fuzzies to Stretch a Style

The style from my last post lasted a week and a half.  I had to take down the braids at the back of the girl's head on day four and re-braid them, then took down the braids on the sides on day seven to do the same.  Nap time at day care just kills these braided styles.  She rubs her head around and they get fuzzy.  Here's what I do to manage the fuzz and stretch a style out a little longer:

1)  I always put the girl to bed at night in her sleep cap.  It really does make a difference.  She started keeping one on her head throughout the night at age two.  We use the gorgeous bonnets from Pretty AnntoiNets.
2)  In the morning I spritz her hair with water, or a mix of water and Darcy Botanicals Daily Leave In Conditioner.
3)  Next I moisten my fingers with oil (I am currently using coconut or almond oil - both have the most pleasant of scents) and apply the oil to the fuzzies all around her hairline, pulling the hair and smoothing/sealing it with the oil.
4)  Last I apply either Kinky-Curly Curling Custard or Darcy's Botanicals Natural Coils Curling Jelly to the fuzzies at the hairline.  When it dries the curls are coiled up and stay put without frizzing all day.

While I am certainly no expert, that routine is what is working for us so far.  I am always up for suggestions, though.  What do you do to keep braided styles from getting fuzzy?

Happy Easter!

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