Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sleep Caps 3...still searching.

We've got quite a collection of various sleep caps.  We've tried them all and none of them stay on the girl's head all night.  This is frustrating to say the least.  The other day I picked up yet another sleep cap at the local drug store for about a buck fifty.  It's shaped like a hood, the back of which ends in two long tails that are wrapped around the head and tied off. 

 Here's what it looked like just after we put it on.  It fit nicely and even looked cute.  I really thought it was going to work.

And here's what it looked like five minutes later.
Dang it!  Back to the drawing board.
What's your favorite sleep cap?  (and where can I find one?)
Ciao~ Jenny


  1. Pretty AnntoiNet's silk caps (available online at are the very best we've ever used. They aren't cheap at $18 per, but they are seriously durable, breathable and they stay on because they have both elastic and a silk draw string to customize the fit. The cap part is roomy too, so it can accommodate any style and the silk is gentle on the hair. My girls have used theirs every single night for over a year now and both caps are going strong.

  2. Katie, you are wonderful. They are beautiful caps and look like just what we need, I'm going to purchase!!