Sunday, February 13, 2011

Half-way There

This weekend I started what I think is going to be our travel style for our next trip. I'd like my girl's hair to be in a 'do that will not require much taking care of while we are away from home. That cuts down on products and accessories that need to be packed, and gives us more time during our vacation to enjoy ourselves.

I started what I hope will end up being a full head of box braids. The boxes are diamond shaped, thanks to this post at Beads Braids & Beyond and this post at Happy Girl Hair. I think they look way more interesting shaped like this - thanks, gals, for the inspiration!

The girl has gotten very good lately at sitting and letting me manipulate her hair. We do this mostly on the changing table because while she can still play up there, she can't escape, and I can work around the little bit of wiggling that happens. Still, it's best to keep the hair sessions as short as possible.

This last hair session began impulsively when I popped her up on the changing table before her nap. I started parting her hair and braiding and lost track of time. 45 minutes later (yikes, sorry baby!) my girl starts asking "Night night, mommy?" Here's how far we got, we'll finish the rest little by little:

It actually looks cute just like this, and I love the side-swept "bangs" cornrows. I'll be back to post how it turns out.

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  1. Great job! Can't wait to see it all finished. N wore her first long-lasting protective style this past week (box twists), and it was such an easy week for me. I had to re-do a few of the twists every now and then, but I can see box braid/twists would be a great travel style for a toddler. Have fun on your trip!