Thursday, February 24, 2011

Travel Style Update

We're back!! It took several sessions over 3-4 days to finish those box braids. I just hate subjecting my girl to hair sessions longer than about 20 minutes or so. She is so good about tolerating me styling her hair, that I like to reward her by keeping sessions short.

The style traveled VERY well and lasted about a week before it was just too fuzzy. I bet it would have lasted longer had we used a sleep cap. All I did daily was spritz with water in the morning and scrunch some leave in conditioner or coconut oil in her hair. I also oiled her parts once during the week to keep her exposed scalp from getting dry. Her braids didn't hang straight, they curled up which I thought was super cute. Here are some halfway there, and fully styled pics.

While we were in Ethiopia I took a handful of photos of some really pretty hairstyles we saw there. Next post I will share those.


  1. looks great!! those parts are meticulous! can't wait for the other shots!

  2. Very impressed that you get enjoyment from doing this! She is a lucky girl to have her very own hair stylist :)